I am continually trying to strip back my work, making it as simple and honest as I can. Finding a way to connect, to belong to a place and to remind people to think about their environment, their place, the space they live in.

Making, for me is a way of documenting my relationship with wild places - of capturing the wildness that I love, and the wonderment that it conjures in me. There is an underlying fear of the unknown, which draws me into it repeatedly, building anticipation, and holding me in its isolation.

I try to make my work as sustainable as I can, using local materials and non-toxic finishes. I make work for production and as one-off pieces. I build things to last and hopefully something you will cherish for the rest of your life.


A little bit of history


I studied furniture design at the University of Tasmania. I exhibited at Milan furniture fair in 2006 and produced my first solo show in Perth WA 2007. Since then my work has been exhibited and distributed locally, nationally and internationally. Some recent commissions include Parliament Square Hobart, The Australia Pavilion Venice, Parliament House South Australia, Qantas Headquarters Sydney, Westpac Bank Hobart and numerous private commissions.